‘You are here because we were there’ coverage of 50 Years of Radical Gay Pride demo

OH MY. Here is the video of the herstoric ‘You are here because we were there 50 Years of Radical Gay Pride’ demo – July 1st 2022!
Thanks to all at @gayliberationfrontuk London LGBTQ+ Community Centre @ukblackpride all our allies and to @josephwilsonfilms for making this gem and for EVERYONE who made it the most incredible day! A Luta Continua! The Struggle Continues!

Press Coverage –
Channel 4 – Pride at 50: How much has changed for the LGBTQ+ community?

@openlynews with Shivani Dave – Coming out in 1972 could have meant getting arrested, fired, losing custody of children… or more. #lgbtqhistory#lgbtlondon#queerlondon and another video with Members of the Gay Liberation Front took to the streets today in the anniversary of the UK’s first-ever Pride march on July 1st, 1972.

BBC – Pride at 50: The LGBT revolution sparked in a basement

Jon Boud’s All The Rage Replay On www.traxfm.org – Nettie Pollard Interview – 6th July 2022

Gal-Dem – 50 years of Pride: Why I marched with Gay Liberation Front

Open Democracy – I was at the first Pride march 50 years ago today. Here’s what it taught me

BBC Archive Hour – 50 Years of Pride

The Bottoming Podcast – Live: Pride at 50

Open Democracy – ‘I was at the first Pride march 50 years ago today. Here’s what it taught me – The UK’s Gay Liberation Front only lasted a few years in the early 1970s, but its legacy is still felt today.’ Stuart Feather

Vice – ‘Gay Liberation Front Activists on the First UK Pride’

Pink News – UK’s first Pride march couldn’t be further from Pride in London, original marchers say

Report Digital pictures – Gay Liberation Front 50th Anniversary of Pride

Attitude Magazine – Gay Liberation Front veterans retreace route of first UK Pride march on 50th anniversary – The demonstration in the capital comes on the eve of Pride in London on Saturday 2 July.

Guardian – ‘We danced naked in Hyde Park – and then changed the world’: the inside story of UK Pride, 50 years on

Thanks to @mikekear for these gorgeous pics! 🙂

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