It has been announced that the iconic George Michael tribute party / protest will take place this Saturday 25.06.22 – Location to be announced. 

This will be the 6th anniversary of the legendary party set up after the artist’s death in 2016. The theme this year is in the spirit of George Michael’s ‘Too Funky’ – a ‘50 Years of Pride Special’ catwalk in the woods. 

A coalition of London’s LGBTQI+ community are organising ‘Let’s Go Outside’ a ‘free party and protest to remember the Queer Icon’s, life, talent and courage in celebrating sexual freedom. Opening speeches and performances include the founders of Gay Pride from the Gay Liberation Front (GLF) to celebrate 2022, 50 years since it began. 

The 6th anniversary event’s key messages to exist are 


1. To challenge the rise of LGBTQIA+ hate crime across Europe.

2. To confront the threats of conversion therapy.

3. To defy TERFS and attacks on trans rights.


“Growing up in a small town in the west of Ireland, where queerness was not visible, I think queer spaces are so important. In London, they are getting fewer and fewer so our community is getting more creative and taking a DIY approach to bringing queer folk together. In 2022, George Michael’s legacy of advocating for sexual freedom and queer liberation is as important now as ever, so we want to come together on the 50th anniversary of Pride to celebrate how far we’ve come, and how far we have to go, all the while honouring the joy that George’s music has brought to many queer people’s lives. His music lives on in all of us!” Maeve

“This party is important because it showcases and celebrates different groups of queer people in a celebratory, unsanitised, non-capitalist way. This is a party by us, for us. It’s an unapologetic celebration of queerness in loads of forms. The GLF, and George Michael, are icons and should be honoured in a way that celebrates them and their unabashed queerness. Let’s reimagine the world, queer shit up, and have fun!” Steffi

“We celebrate George Michael every year with the ‘This is our Culture’ party at his favourite cruising spot on Hampstead Heath. George was an advocate of Sexual Freedom, supporter of LGBTQIA+ Freedom and Equality. Join us for a fun filled day and night with some incredible events and music. The sun will shine, but if it rains or not there will be Non Binary Mud Wrestling a Fabulous Cat Walk and as this is the 50th Anniversary of the Gay Liberation Front’s (GLF) first Pride March in London we are joined by original (GLF) veterans. Sounds like this year is going to be the best so far. See you there.” Ian Johns

“Political, free and fun. The best sexual freedom parties ever.” Nettie Pollard, Gay Liberation Front (GLF) activist who was at the first Gay Pride in 1972.

‘Done with the sofa? Done with the hall? Done with societally enforced standards of sexuality which don’t conform with your reality? On 8th April 1998 in a Miami public toilet, so was George Michael. So bring your friends, learn the lyrics to ‘Outside’, wear whatever makes you feel fabulous and ‘Let’s Go Outside’. Rest In Power George Michael! See you in the bushes.’ dan glass, Gay Liberation Front (GLF) activist.


25.06.22 – Celebrating FREEDOM with ‘Let’s Go Outside’ #5 – Opening catwalk – 1pm followed by DJ sets and FUN until midnight! facebook event page here

Location to be announced the night before. 

Accessibility – We would like to have as many people from as many different background as possible at this event and we realise that the location of the event may prevent access challenges to some and we apologise for the physical nature, however, we want to do our absolute best to support as many people as possible to attend this, please get in touch with on with any requirements that you may have and we will do our very best to support you – don’t feel nervous about approaching the wellbeing space at any time before or during the event. We will have an accessible porta-loo on site.

Previous press coverage – What’s this all about? – ‘George Michael’s Life Celebrated In One Of His Cruising Spots – ‘We’re showing that it’s not shameful’

Bring friends / lovers / family / picnic blankets / BYOB / Food 

Poster designer –

Money will be raised will be donated to Mermaids ‘Helping gender-diverse kids, young people and their families since 1995’

Contacts /

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