Stuart Feather – original and still present GLF activist says:

‘We were part of the first openly public demonstration by homosexuals in this country and present on the first Gay Pride March. Others are millennials, activists from Act Up who celebrated the achievements of GLF in 2015 and we all came together in 2016 to prepare and celebrate the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in 2017. We are now preparing to celebrate this year’s 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising and the foundation of the Gay Liberation Front in New York, the origin of the fight back that inspired and brought hope to LGBTQI+ of every country in the world. Gay Liberation will always be a socialist movement by virtue of its demand for social change.’

Nettie Pollard – original and still present GLF activist says:

‘2020 brings the 50th anniversary of the start of Gay Liberation in London, the moment everything changed in Britain by giving us Coming Out, Gay Pride and the first Gay Pride March in 1972, making 2022 the 50th anniversary of that political demonstration and celebration. GLF stands for liberation: the choice is always there – liberation or slavery. Join us to recreate the spirit of the Gay Liberation Front 1970 and Pride March of 1972 and build strength in community to re-politicise what we started and fight for our demands. Feel the zeitgeist of the years that changed the world for LGBT people … and for everyone else! We did what we did to rescue ourselves, but we always thought of you as well – you who would come out after us, and will come out until the world ends.’

We are nearing the 50th anniversary of the founding of Gay Liberation Front and urge for 2020


  1. Pride is free – Pride organisers who want ticketed events must arrange free Pride marches as well. No one should be denied entry to Pride because they don’t have enough money.
  2. Pride is always a protest as well as a celebration. We’ve a whole world yet to change and we’ve hardly begun.
  3. LGBT+ community groups actively engaged in grassroots LGBTQIA+ empowerment programmes, or key allies such as the miners in the 1980s, always to head Pride Marches.
  4. Arms dealers and other corporations who trade with nations in violation of the U.N. International Charter on Human Rights are never again to be allowed to sponsor or have floats at Pride Marches. Individual LGBT employees of such corporations are welcome as always, but not marching in groups in corporate logos.
  5. The target is to be vehicle-free: no diesel-powered vehicles unless for mobility or safety reasons
  6. Full accessibility and reminders to LGBT-friendly venues near the March that full accessibility is the target.
  7. Gay Liberation Front (GLF) to lead Pride in London in 2020.
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