Friday April 1st 6-8pm ‘It Began With Us!/ Gay Liberation Front 50th Pride Planning’

Join us on Friday April 1st 6-8pm ‘It Began With Us!/ Gay Liberation Front 50th Pride Planning’ at the London LGBTQ+ Community Centre, 60-62 Hopton Street, Thames Path, SE1 9JH SE1 9JH London, UK On July 1st 2022 we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first Pride organised and led by the Gay Liberation Front (GLF)! Join our next meeting to connect with fellow activists, make new friends and help us plot this very special day. We will continue to gather ideas to pay tribute to all who fought for liberation, and continue the fight for absolute freedom for all. We will also discuss about our participation at the 50th anniversary ‘Pride’ march organised by ‘Pride in London’ Corporation on July 2nd. Please bring trusted friends, friends from allied movements – UK Black Pride, London Trans Pride etc – to our next GLF ‘Think In’ gathering.

Facebook event page click here – Outsavvy to register your (free) space click here

Some context. These Are the Radical Roots of British Gay Pride – The activists who started UK Pride are demanding a return to its revolutionary roots. 

The first meeting of the London Gay Liberation Front (GLF) took place at LSE in October 1970, inspired by the Stonewall Riots in New York in the previous year. Here’s what original and current GLF activist Andrew Lumsden says – “Stonewall Uprising and the foundation of the Gay Liberation Front in New York inspired and brought hope to LGBTQI+ of every country in the world. Gay Liberation will always be a socialist movement by virtue of its demand for social change.”

GLF stands for liberation: the choice is always there – liberation or slavery.

2020 GAY LIBERATION FRONT from Manuel García-Calvo Gutiérrez on Vimeo.

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