Invite to – Pride 2022 – what we gonna do about it? 18.03.22 6pm – GLF ‘Think In’

July 1st 2022 is the 50th anniversary of the first Pride organised and led by the Gay Liberation Front (GLF) and July 2nd is the 50th anniversary ‘Pride’ march organised by ‘Pride in London’ Corporation.What are we gonna do about it?Please bring trusted friends, friends from allied movements – UK Black Pride, London Trans Pride etc – to our next GLF ‘Think In’ gathering 🙂

Facebook event page and RSVP link It began with us! / Gay Liberation Front 50th Pride 50th planning

Further info – These Are the Radical Roots of British Gay PrideThanks to the London LGBT+ Community Centre crew! – Please fill out this form if you were at our last gathering – only takes 2 mins. 

Looking forward to seeing you there, the Gay Liberation Front XXX

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