Standing Shoulder to Shoulder at the GLF supported ‘Solidarity Is Our Weapon Tour’ 

Thanks to the Gay Liberation Front and all allies for hosting last months Solidarity Is Our Weapon Tour with our friends on the Polish frontlines standing up to the ‘LGBT+ Free Zones’, the crackdown on abortion rights and migrant rights. Special thanks to the following legends for taking the time out from all you do in Poland for visiting

  • Avtomat – Queer composer, producer, DJ and vocalist
  • Monika Pacyfka Tichy – Women’s Strike and Pride organiser
  • Łukasz Jurewicz – Stonewall Poznan activist, queer show producer and host
  • Szymon Adamczak – Dramaturg, theatre and performance maker
  • Jakub Skrzypek – Street activist and mobiliser in a wide range of Polish liberation movements

Here’s some pictures Solidarity our Weapon Tour: Polish – UK Queer crew, videos and speeches to warm your hearts. The photos include Szymon’s presentation ‘Goodbye to Discretion’ about his research on GLF Bob Mellors life in Warsaw – hear it all here Szymon Adamczak Bob Mellors Lecture audio recording and read more from Szymon here ’25 years ago, Bob Mellors, a symbol of the British LGBT movement, was murdered in Warsaw’, a GLF history walk in West London with Stuart Feather and a Queer Tour of Soho with GLFer Dani Singer.

The full blog with contributions from Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners and Polish Migrants Organise for Change can be seen on the Make Poland Queer Again (MPQA) website here. If you would like to be added to the MPQA email discussion list email and sign up to the Make Poland Queer Again internal organisers facebook page and public page if you are not already! 

In 2022 the GLF will be upping-the-anti together with our Polish friends. Lots of ideas have been sparked such as supporting the activist civil disobedience with a series of transnational actions, supporting the London screening of 7 – MY SIERPINA and mass activist skillshares across our movements.

Mega love to Flying Capybara Films for the videoNaomi Gabriel for the poster design,  Aaron Bergmann for the photos, The Glory for hosting us, Gay Liberation Front, Polish Migrants Organise for Change, Farsa, The Guerilla Foundation, Het Actiefonds, Network for Social Change, The Feminist Library, London Action Resource Centre (LARC), The Bishopsgate Institute, Queer Tours of London – A Mince Through Time, SLAV 4, Redfish, Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners (LGSM), Dziewuchy London, Queer Polonia, Rainbow Poland in the UK and ALL OUT.

Thanks again Polish comrades – we say loud and clearly – ‘Absolute Freedom For All!’

Mega love to Flying Capybara Films for the video

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