Photos and update from ‘Flashmob Pride Protest against LGBTQI+ elderly abuse in ‘care’ homes.’

The oppressors have names and addresses and they can’t hide from those hungry for answers and determined to get justice – however hard they try.

Here’s the low-down from this week’s flashmob after we entered the ‘Care Quality Commission.’ Below you will also see proof that we were in the building. They have until the end of May to respond – see full details of the protest here – For Immediate release 08.05.21 – Flashmob Pride Protest against LGBTQI+ elderly abuse in ‘care’ homes – and get involved by emailing

Thank you GLF videographer legend Joseph Wilson for the film!


Gay Liberation Front (GLF) – ‘Is this the ‘Care Quality Commission’?

Security – ‘Er, you shouldn’t be here.’

Gay Liberation Front (GLF) – ‘Is this the ‘Care Quality Commission’?

Security – ‘I don’t know what to do.’GLF – ‘Yes you do.’

Security – ‘I think I need to find a supervisor.’

GLF – ‘Thank you. And here’s our name – we are the Gay Liberation Front, here’s our demands and our email address and if we don’t hear back from you by the end of May we will be back. You can’t hide from us, we deserve answers and you must be accountable – because we are.’

Thank you to everyone who made last nights flashmob so fabulous, to Peter Marshall for these lovely pics, to all journo’s covering this issue (get in touch on for interviews) and for everyone everywhere catalysing Pride in every way.

Protest Demands.

1. We demand that the ‘Care Quality Commission’ (CQC) and Care Services recognise that our needs are specific to our lives as LGBTQIA+ people and we need to be treated with respect.

2. We demand that training for staff and the understanding of individual identities MUST be at the forefront of all internal welfare provision and training.

3. We demand that all homophobic bullying and abuse ceases and that, when it arises it is challenged, acted upon and treated with the seriousness it deserves.

4. We demand that the Care Services undergo training around LGBTQ+ issues.

5. We demand a future where Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans people are fully integrated into the community. A community that values their experiences, meets their needs and offers appropriate personalised care as they age.


‘To re-engage with and be part of reigniting the collective power of fighting for change is a very powerful force. Queer Power is a force to be reckoned with.’ Best wishes, Paul (Wolfe.)

‘Our GLF group was much more assertive than the Department of Health and Social Care, which seemed to be cowering away even before we began to challenge them – PerhapPerhaps because the government consider them to be a low priority I doubt if they’ll acknowledge receipt of the document and press release we gave them.  But they’ll be hearing from us again!’ Yours,

‘The Queen, who is 95, wasn’t allowed by the present government to say a word about the crisis in Care Homes during her speech from the throne in Parliament on 11 May. I’m 80 in August. Great! Everyone should be so lucky! But what if I end up in one of the Care Homes where fifty cases of homophobic abuse have recently been reported? And what if it’s under another lockdown? We want transparency about Care Homes and Care Home training, but even the address of the Care Quality Commission is kept secret by this government.’ Andrew, Penile Dementia Ward, Boris Johnson Wing, Cataclysm Care Homes Inc., a Private Equity Venture, Directors Bonus Buildings, Pound-In-Your-Pocket, Hampshire.

‘Treating everyone the same is not equality . We have lived very different lives. The CQC and Care Services need to listen to us and take heed of our demands!’ Geoff Hardy, SAND (Safe Ageing No Discrimination) and GLF Activist.

‘I’m 57. My childhood and early adulthood were negatively impacted by homophobia: at school, at work, societally. I don’t want to return to the grimness of that hell at the end of my life. Equality, and the end of discrimination, needs to permeate everywhere. I too have paid my taxes. Where are they going, if not to be returned to me at the end of my life in equality training, enfranchisement and fair pay for carers?’ Russell Christie

‘We will not give up until our demands are addressed, we DEMAND proper care for our LGBTQIA+ elders in care.’ Ian Johns

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