15th / 16th May 2021 – Revolutionary People’s Constitutional Convention

The Bishopsgate Debates: REVOLUTIONARY PEOPLE’S CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION – for the poor and the marginalised’ – see press release at For Immediate Release 06.05.21 – Launch of ‘Revolutionary People’s Constitutional Convention’

LIVE-STREAMED FROM SPITALFIELDS ON Saturday/Sunday 15/16 May 2021 at The Bishopsgate Institute, a ticketed free event arranged by the GAY LIBERATION FRONT
We are the Gay Liberation Front, young and old, and we have a 51-year record of non-violent and often hilarious actions against the violence of the State”   


To be Live-streamed from the Bishopsgate Institute, 230 Bishopsgate, Spitalfields, London EC2M 4QH. A ticketed free event

Dedicated to the BLACK PANTHERS who held the first REVOLUTIONARY PEOPLE’S CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION in Philadelphia in September 1970

To include :

* 9 hours of live presentations from the Great Hall

* 4 hours of videos from activists round the world 

VOTE for “WE THE CITIZENS” assemblies in 10 Downing St   

The world’s young want to be proud of their countries. And the world’s old are tired of being ashamed of them.

THE BISHOPSGATE INSTITUTE – The Bishopsgate Institute is near Liverpool Street Station London and was founded in 1895 to provide “a public library, a public hall and meeting rooms for people living and working in the City of London.”  A thank you by the GLF to the Bishopsgate Institute for hosting us this May – publicising the Institute’s name and the immense help given by its staff – not only this May but every day of the year in non-lockdown times.

THE GAY LIBERATION FRONT (London) – Has 51 years’ experience of non-violent protest against exploitation and marginalisation of LGBT+ people. Lesbians from the Women’s Liberation Movement shared and led in policy-making from the beginning.  It was started in a lecture-room of London School of Economics in October 1970 by two white male students returning from the Black Panthers’ “Revolutionary People’s Constitutional Convention” of September 1970 in Philadelphia. That was a year after the Stonewall Uprising in New York of summer 1969 when lesbian, trans, bi and gay men rebelled against police persecution in New York.    

The idea behind – “ THEBISHOPSGATE DEBATES” – The name “Bishopsgate Debates” pays tribute to the “Putney Debates” held in Surrey by Parliament’s New Model Army in 1647 who, in opposition to Charles I’s army, remodelled the British isles on republican lines. 

Their Debates turned out disastrously for Ireland. They won’t this time..

Contact – For information about the event please contact the Gay Liberation Front (GLF) at gayliberationfrontuk@gmail.com

* all arrangements subject to Covid regulations by 15 May

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