Gay Liberation Front (GLF) – 2021 Consciousness raising groups and action plans – get involved!

There’s some exciting plans afoot at the Gay Liberation Front with new consciousness-raising groups – see below! 

If you haven’t seen already check out GAY LIBERATION FRONT 2020  For full blog, videos and pictures see here. and here is the link where you can buy a copy of the 50th anniversary edition of the Gay Liberation Front Manifesto, 1971. – big up to everyone who made this happen! Have a listen too to ‘The One Fifty Marchers Episode Five: We’re Back…and so is the GLF!’

To get involved and be added to the mailing list please email and sign up to the facebook group here

Next online GLF Think In is Wed 3 Feb 4.30 pm – email for the login details. 

GAY LIBERATION FRONT (GLF) Consciousness Raising Groups

Ongoing – The Care Home Campaign – To continue the recent crowdfunder ‘LGBT+ Pride for Life’ campaign we are continuing to demand justice from Lambeth Council. Pls contact Ted on

There isn’t one LGBTQIA+ care home in the whole of the UK, so currently queers have to go into the closet or risk abuse and attacks in places which cannot cater for us.  The cruel irony of legends who have fought their whole lives for freedom like this suffering homophobia at the end of their lives is so cruel. We are taking this case forward for Ted and his partner but also to help raise awareness and ensure that hospitals, care homes and councils give LGBT elderly, disabled or hospitalised the full respect and care we all deserve, instead of forcing us into the closet to avoid abusive maltreatment. 

March 2021 – Bob Mellors commemoration / Make Poland Queer Again

We’re co-operating with ‘Make Poland Queer Again’ in a Commemoration in Warsaw of the death there 25 years ago on 24 March 1996 of Bob Mellors (b.1950), one of the founders of the Gay Liberation Front London in 1970. Plans include an exhibition in Warsaw and a plaque on the central Warsaw building where Bob lived. We’re supplying help with archival memories of Bob and information about his work and are invited to attend.

Bob was murdered. Polish police stated that the death was in the course of a burglary and they informed Interpol, but no arrest was ever made. The purpose is to introduce Bob’s career, his love of Poland, and his outstanding LGBT record, including non-binary pioneering and co-founding of GLF London, to young LGBT people in Poland.

Make Poland Queer Again is a growing grassroots international movement organising for critical actions including the solidarity bus to Poland to connect and empower the global LGBT+ solidarity movement against the ‘LGBT Free Zones’. 

Spring / Summer 2021 – FRIENDSHIP CIRCLES is a new series of works made by original GLF activist, artist, journalist, writer and speaker Andrew Lumsden. It celebrates friends and friendships in all areas and aspects of his life and work. FRIENDSHIP CIRCLES will be curated by Dan de la Motte. As well as being a Queer performer, host, speaker and producer, Dan was the curator of GLF AT 50; The Art of Protest in 2020, MAKING AN EXHIBITION OF OURSELVES; BLOOLIPS AND RADICAL DRAG in 2019 and ANDREW LUMSDEN: A RETROSPECTIVE in 2018.

15/16th MAY – Revolutionary People’s Constitutional Convention

In September 1970 the Black Panthers fighting white supremacists in America held a Revolutionary People’s Constitutional Convention. We’re repeating the idea in London this Spring, Covid-19 permitting.

Two British students attended the Black Panther Convention in Philadelphia in 1970, flew back here, and started the Gay Liberation Front London in October 1970. The crowded meetings spread rapidly to Ireland, France and Italy.

Please see Camp Books brilliant Revolutionary People’s Constitutional Convention Zine’ 

It’s now the 50th birthday of that event. As we say “Something happened, and nothing was ever the same again.” Lots of us who were there in 1970 are still around, and with young activists of today we’re celebrating.

Themes in development are radical traditions in revolutionary organising denied to us schools; the ongoing youthquakes in Hong Kong, Uganda, Russia, Nigeria;  what the Black Panthers were really up to in 1970 when they held the original RPCC in Philadelphia in September 1970; online event with Cuba Gay Fest and Mariela Castro’s simultaneous Trans Pride events in Havana;  ageist homophobia and applications of the Radical agenda today. 

Where? : The Bishopsgate Institute near Liverpool Street Station and Spitalfields. Fully wheelchair accessible. The Bishopsgate Institute was founded in 1895 to provide “a public library, a public hall.

Who for? : Everybody: all sexualities and ethnicities, accompanied children and babies welcome. If we can have the event for real and physical, a free ticketed event. If virtual, we’ll give the access details in due course.

Who’s it by? : presenters made up of the Gay Liberation Front old and new and the organisers and staff of the Bishopsgate Institute. 

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