‘The 50th anniversary celebration of the first LGBT+ protest in Britain with those that were there ‘was magical’ .

Across the generations we continue the journey to freedom.

We are so excited to share this brilliant short documentary covering our key recent protests. Thank you Jess, Manu, Alvaro, Bishopsgate Institute and all the producers! 

A message from Jess – ‘2020 marks the 50th anniversary of the start of the GLF in London and the first LGBTQ+ demo in Britain. After five decades of protest, the GLF veterans did not let Covid-19 stop them from celebrating these milestones and continuing the fight for ‘Absolute Freedom For All worldwide, which is far from over. It has been amazing getting to know and learning from the GLF this year. We put together this short film on the milestones of 2020’ 

GAY LIBERATION FRONT 2020 from Manuel García-Calvo Gutiérrez on Vimeo.

‘This exhilarating film shows that the Gay liberation Front is part of a revolution that is not over till we have absolute freedom for all.’ Nettie Pollard, original GLF activist

‘This is a passionate and inspiring film about Gay Liberation Front, past and present. It shows that the struggle for liberation is very much alive and gives us hope for the future.’ Geoff Hardy, original GLF activist

About the Gay Liberation Front (GLF) 50th celebration actions in 2021.

To get involved in our current organising in 2021 and for the 50th anniversary of Pride that the GLF began please email gayliberationfrontuk@gmail.com to be added to the mailing list and / or sign up to our facebook page here.

Thank you to Joseph Wilson for the video and to Mike Kear for the photos below you legends

On Friday 4th December 2020 we celebrated the demonstration led by the Gay Liberation Front (GLF) against unjust laws and police misconduct that took place in Highbury Fields to commemorate the richness of our beautiful LGBT+ history, agitate for more queer anger and celebration, and to highlight the ongoing struggle for total freedom for all! We re-imagined the torchlight protest that took place 50 years ago which was organised in solidarity with Louis Eaks, chair of the Young Liberals, who was arrested for ‘importuning for an immoral purpose’ – cruising, to you and me. 

This was a commemoration of sexual freedom, in celebration of those who were there, and the next generation of young activists responding to the intersectional challenges faced by queer people today. LGBT+ hate crimes and injustice are on the rise all over the world, and we won’t stand for it.

‘In 1970 I suggested that the Gay Liberation Front’s first demo ought to be in Highbury Fields. I’m now 86 and send my love and remind us all that the word for the Highbury Fields demo in the slang of 1970 was a ‘zap’, meaning a bolt of electrical energy. Highbury Fields Forever! In solidarity and disgrace’ Eric Thompson

‘Still battles to be won, 50 years on from Highbury Fields gay rights demo’ in the Islington Tribune.

Last but not least listen thanks to JD and Frazer have a Listen to @150marchers podcast as they try to find and celebrate the brave individuals who marched that day on Highbury Fields.

Press requests – gayliberationfrontuk@gmail.com. Thanks to Mike Kear for the beautiful pics!


‘From the dark of the Fields to the light of the pub afterwards, we saw each other anew. We had shared our beliefs and convictions in public and acted them out in the world. We had made the first ever openly public demonstration in this country by homosexuals. Whatever barriers there were between us were let down that night. An emotional connection of solidarity and respect, for ourselves and each other was forged. It remains palpable to this day,” Stuart Feather, Blowing the Lid.

‘Highbury Fields was a UK defining moment in a global uprising and revolution against oppression and for liberation with sexual liberation at its heart.’ John Lloyd

“27th November 1970 was a watershed moment that challenged our police oppressors for the first time. It began our fightback, igniting a LGBT+ protest movement that in the following five decades rolled back straight supremacism and won the repeal of anti-LGBT+ laws.” Peter Tatchell

‘In 1970 gay men, lesbians and trans protested together on Highbury Fields not just about police abuse of power and unjust laws but also liberation, including sexual liberation for everyone – a revolution – Love and Liberation.’ Nettie Pollard.

‘Marking the 50th anniversary of the first LGBT march in London is of paramount importance today in bringing together queer individuals spanning multiple generations in order that we can celebrate and learn from those who have continuously fought for our rights over the last 50 years.’ Graham Martin

The GLF are also holding a People’s Revolutionary Convention at the Bishopsgate Institute in May 2021 to mark the 50th anniversary of the Revolutionary People’s Constitutional Convention (RPCC) organised by the Black Panther Party (BPP) that catalysed the Gay Liberation Front (GLF) into being. You are very welcome to be involved, unless you are a copper.

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