For Immediate Release – 03.02.20 – Night Pride (is a protest) demonstration announcements – Out of the clubs & on to the streets.

For Immediate Release – 03.02.20 – Night Pride (is a protest) demonstration announcements – Out of the clubs & on to the streets. 

The launch demonstration of ‘Night Pride – is a protest – Out of the Club and onto the streets’ will take over the streets in Hackney on the evening of Friday February 7th in response to the massive rise in hate crimes. Currently in London there are 55 attacks a week. Since BREXIT took place on January 31st ordinary citizens are already witnessing horrific assaults on marginalised populations and far-right politics have emboldened a new era of fascists. Homophobic hate crime reports soar but charges fall. Fewer prosecutions despite rising number of complaints, police data shows The number of homophobic hate crimes reported to police have more than doubled in the past five years – yet only 8% result in prosecutions, figures show. Reports of homophobic abuse recorded by UK police forces soared from 5,807 in 2014-15 to 13,530 in 2018-19, according to the data. But the number of prosecutions dropped from 1,157 to 1,058 over the same period – from 20% of all reports to 8%. 

Everyone is welcome to join to protest against the new wave of brutal attacks against marginalised communities across London. This is the first of three Night Prides, the second one being in Vauxhall on the 6th of March and the third in Soho 2 Southbank on 3rd April.

We will not tolerate the hate speech & violence inflicted upon us and the murder of our lovers, friends & our LGBTQIA+ families /communities. There has been a rise in hate crimes committed against LGBTIQA+ and other marginalised people in the UK. One attack is One too many! In the UK the battle for legal equality for Lesbians, Gay Men and Bisexuals has made great progress yet this is not the reality for our Trans & Non-Binary family. The equality fought for and legislated by the usually white, cis heterosexist establishment has not delivered true safety or liberation to many of us. Black people, People of Colour, Disabled people,Homeless and Vulnerably Housed LGBTQIA+, Women, Trans, Non-binary, Gender non-confirming, Butch Dykes, Femmes, Drag Queens and Sissies and Fags are often at the front line of attack.  Shamefully, this is not only from society at large but sometimes within our communities.

The reality is we are under attack, Femme to Masc. WE FIGHT BACK. FIGHT BACK

NIGHT PRIDE (Is a protest). Not a demand for equality. Not a demand for better policing. Not a demand for mere tolerance and acceptance. We are revolting, and we will have true liberation! We will hold hands, share affection, kiss our friends and lovers wherever we want. We won’t be confined to the safety of our homes, clubs and community spaces. We will express our gender identity in any way we damn please. We will not hide the many ways in which we express our sexuality/ies. We are unapologetic and unashamed. We are authentic and real. We are many and We will no longer be attacked. FIGHT BACK!’ Queer Night Pride collective organisers

With the rise of Neo Conservative politics in the world, marginalised communities are a risk of being denied equality, financial security and justice.  ‘Hate Crimes’ born out of bigotry and ignorance must be fought at every turn. As we come together for this Night Pride march we are visible opponents of those whose myopic and traditional revisionary views seek to oppress us with vitriol and fear. Hackney and in particular Dalston has a rich history of opposing and defeating fascism, racism, capitalism and xenophobia it is important that we who live here fight this new wave of homophobic and transphobic hate crimes. Together we are stronger.’ Lyall Hakaraia / Owner of Queer community arts space and venue VFD / Has lived in Dalston for 27years 

Under the eclipse of the wolf moon. A pack of young oppressed adults, created a hate crime against a beautiful drag queen. Filmed in a shop and hurled abuse while she took cash out. Cackled and created a school bully playground scene. Walking out taking a stand and standing up for herself she said her piece. Then she was struck from behind her blind spot in the face. An open gash split the eye and bleed for the whole night. The police are not seeing it as enough and moving along to the next case they will dismiss too!’ Camile Leon

There is no LGBTIQ+ housing pathway in the UK and NASS accommodation is often terrifying for LGBTIQ+ people seeking asylum. The identity responsive services for those of us who are more marginalised or have higher needs are few and underfunded. The result of such systemic oppression is an over representation of LGBTIQ+ homelessness and the most vulnerable members of our community sleeping on the streets, sofa surfing, survival sex working, looking for safety but being targeted by abusers. We are joining Night Pride as a Community Centre bloc in solidarity with our homeless siblings, calling for more identity responsive services, community space and housing.’ The Outside Project’ Carla Ecola, Outside Project

‘We can be hurt. But we will heal. If the powerful refuse to share its resources, we will use every political means to force them to do so. We will not allow multinational corporate industries to exploit the LGBTQI to create wealth for its shareholders. We will not stand idly by and allow ANY political party to ride roughshod over the poor, the weak in spirit, the marginalised and those who see no hope for their futures. Our hopes, our dreams and our aspirations can be realised only if we refuse to allow ourselves to be divided. We are not shadows of the past, hiding behind curtains of shame and fear. We are not a dream of a future that can never be realised. We are here, now, and with love, support and sheer determination, we can create a safer and more equal society where none of us have to live in fear. With love to you all, Sarah Jane Baker’ C.E.O TRANSPRISONER ALLIANCE.CO.UK

Our day to day being and physical safety in reality is not protected by equality legislation. We do not need the tolerance or acceptance of cis heterosexual society to validate who we are. We validate ourselves. We see each other. Night Pride is just this a validation for ourselves and of ourselves. You can look but you can’t touch.’ Jack Ash

‘2019 was the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprisings that gave birth tot he Gay Liberation Front in 1970 who started Pride in 1972. These few years create a critical opportunity to learn from the founders of Pride to continue the struggle for ‘Absolute Freedom for All.’ Our movement was born out of rage and riots. We will not be driven back into the closet. We will meet all attacks with resistance and protest.’ Dan Glass, Gay Liberation Front UK. 

I work in and call Hackney my second home. I have however noticed a difference and a different aura towards the LGBT+ community at night. I have queer friends who have been surrounded and followed in the area and I am shocked that beautifully inclusive and welcoming queer venues now have to clearly warn their patrons to be safe as they leave. London needs to stand up! London’s queer community is real and diverse! London needs to fight back! London we are better than this!’ Danny



Tel – 07717811747

Notes to Editors

Timings – 

21:00 Assemble at Riviera Bridge, 283A Kingsland Road, E2 8AS London, United Kingdom

22:00 Mince to Dalston Superstore, 117 Kingsland High St, Dalston, London E8 2PB

23:00 Arrive at Dalston Superstore, 117 Kingsland High St, Dalston, London E8 2PB

Speeches and performance on the street.

00:00 Disperse

We will be holding an open meeting before the demonstration at 19:30 in the basement of The Glory – 281 Kingsland Rd, Haggerston, London E2 8AS – for anybody that wants to get involved in Night Pride and other Queer Activism. The Glory is not accessible. If you want to get involved but can’t make the event because of accessibility please contact us and we will arrange to meet you. The majority of our meeting spaces are accessible.

facebook event page here –

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